Bats Activities Nonfiction Reading Unit

One of my favorite fall units to teach is this unit on bats. We transform our reading area into a batty cave, dress in black on the last day, and learn so many amazing things. During this week the focus reading strategy is fact vs. opinion although there is SO MUCH more included. Each day a different story will focus on fact vs. opinion and loads of review comprehension strategies we have already learned. Each week will include daily lesson planspostersparent connect letter, original strategy songs, comprehension strategies, literacy connectionsextension activitiessort activities, and crafts. A digital bat book is also included that can be opened as a pdf file or PowerPoint.


You can read all about this fun unit here!

The literature featured in this unit:

  • Bats by Gibbons
  • Bats Creatures of the Night by Milton
  • Fly Guy Presents: Bats by Arnold
  • Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
  • All about Bats by Me (a digital version with real photos or a paper pencil mini book)

160 + pages of fun!

There are also blank templates so you can incorporate any book with the literacy connections.

This is part of a weekly series of units covering different reading strategies throughout the year: Guided Reading with a Purpose MEGA BUNDLE

This unit pairs perfectly with my Bats True or False Activity

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