Basketball Theme Day

Enjoy this fun theme day in March to practice all the essential skills and have fun with some BasketbalActivities too. This Basketball Theme Day includes a full-color book to teach your students all about the sport of basketball. There is a matching mini-reader for your students with tons of informational text standards activities. There are ELA and phonics activities, games, sorts, worksheets, and scoots as well as math games, activities, and worksheets. There is a letter to send home to get ready for basketball day and colorful signs to display in your classroom. Your students will love making the basketball craft too. Don’t miss out on all the fun with this amazing 200+ packed theme day.


What’s included in Basketball Theme Day:

  • Basketball Day Letter Home 2 options
  • Basketball Day Snack Letter

Nonfiction Activities:

  • Shema on Basketball (2 options)
  • Basketball Nonfiction Teacher Book 11 pages real images
  • Basketball Nonfiction Mini Book 11 pages copy 2 per page
  • Schema, New Learning, Questions colorful posters
  • KWL colorful posters
  • Non-fiction Text Features Hunt
  • Fact and Details 2 pages
  • Text Connections
  • Survey
  • Fact or Opinion
  • Author’s Purpose
  • New Learning
  • Digging for Details
  • Diagram
  • Championship Survey
  • Championship Names and Prediction
  • Check for Understanding

Math Activities:

  • Adding 9 Addition Bingo
  • Half Time Half-Hour Game 2 boards
  • Dribble, Shoot, Score subtraction board game
  • Basketball Scoreboard Addition
  • Double Dribble Game
  • True or False Balance the Equation Board Game
  • Place Value tens and ones puzzles
  • Addition and Subtraction Scoot
  • Phonics Activities
  • Compound Words worksheet
  • Basketball Syllables
  • Basketball ABC Order
  • Basketball Word Search
  • Basketball Unscramble
  • Basketball Making Words
  • Real or Nonsense digraph scoot 18 cards
  • Long or Short Vowel picture sort
  • CVCC Scoot 24 cards

Writing Activities:

  • Design a Jersey Class Book Cover in Color & B&W & Insert Page
  • I love you like a basketball loves a hoop writing and cover page
  • ___ I’m your #1 fan writing and fill in the blank
  • March is a slam dunk because… List
  • All about Basketball Web
  • Informative Writing Paper 2 options
  • My Opinion of Basketball Story Map and 2 paper options

Center Signs:

  • 8 Basketball themed saying signs
  • 12 full-page signs
  • 12 smaller page signs 4 per page
  • Center Checklists 8 options 2 per page
  • Colorful Sign 3 pages that says, “Today will be a Slam Dunk”
  • Banner 4 per page that says “Basketball Day”


  • Basketball Craft
  • Letters that say ”Give it your best shot”, Slam dunk into March”, and Let the Madness Begin. 4 per page and 2 per page


©Megan Mitchell