Baseball Theme Day

Enjoy the last week of school with this fun end-of-the-year theme day. During Baseball Theme Day students will learn all about the sport of baseball. They will also learn about the similarities and differences between baseball and softball with a compare-and-contrast mini-book. There are phonics activities, math games and activities, writing extensions, and comprehension strategies for “Froggy Plays T-Ball.” This resource includes a non-fiction informative book about baseball with real photos as well as a matching printable book. There is a fun baseball craft too. Your students will have an amazing day and won’t even realize they are learning.


What’s included in Baseball Theme Day:

Baseball Day Letter Home 2 options

Baseball Day Snack Ideas

Baseball Non-fiction Teacher Book 18 pages real images

  • Baseball Non-fiction Mini Book 18 pages copy 2 per page
  • Schema, New Learning, Questions colorful posters
  • KWL colorful posters
  • Shema on baseball 2 options)
  • Non-fiction Text Features Hunt
  • Fact and Details 2 pages
  • Text Connections
  • Survey
  • Fact or Opinion
  • Author’s Purpose
  • New Learning
  • Digging for Details
  • Diagram
  • Check for Understanding

Baseball vs. Softball A Compare & Contrast mini reader 13 pages copy 2 per page

  • Cut & Paste Sort activity 2 pages
  • Poster Size Sorting Activity 4 pages
  • Digging for Details
  • Facts I Learned
  • Check for Understanding
  • Compare & Contrast Worksheet 2
  • Design a Jersey Class Book
  • 2 covers
  • 2 page options

Froggy Plays T-Ball Extensions

  • Key Events
  • Predict
  • Main Idea & Details
  • Character Analysis
  • Text to Self
  • Summarize

Math Activities

  • Graphing Favorite Stadium Snack Posters 2 pages
  • Black and White Cards 3 pages
  • Colorful Cards 3 pages
  • Writing Extension
  • Graphing Data Page
  • Find the Sum Bingo Game
  • Batter Up Subtraction Game
  • Answering Questions from a Graph
  • Tally Totals
  • Longer than a Bat Make a List 4 pages
  • Shorter than a Ball Make a List 4 pages
  • Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal to Scoot

Phonics Activities

  • Digraph Hunt
  • Nouns, Adjective, Verb Worksheet
  • Baseball Syllables
  • ABC Order
  • Word Search
  • Unscramble
  • Punctuation
  • Making Words


  • Informative Writing 3 pages
  • Opinion Writing 3 pages

Center Activity Cards 1-12 Large and Small Colorful

Black & White Checklist Cards

Baseball Day Banner Colorful and Black and White

Baseball Day Pennants Colorful

Baseball Craft

  • Letters that spell
  • “MVP Players”

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