Back to School Name Activity for Students

During the first week of school, we work on name activities in our first grade classroom. We learn about vowels and consonants all while looking closely at our names. This name activity for students is a perfect way to spend a week learning these basic skills before diving into a phonic and word work curriculum. It is also a fun way to get to know our classmates’ names and work on some fun math skills too.


See what’s included in this fun name activity for students:

  • My Name vowels and consonants worksheet
  • My Name letter in my name/letters not in my name
  • Meet My Friends mini-book (copy two per page and staple). Interview and record your friend’s name looking at the vowels and consonants
  • Graphing Activity paper/pencil analyze the data and record data
  • Graphing Activity paper/pencil graph the data
  • Colorful poster “How many letters are in your name?”
  • Colorful #’s 2-10+
  • Editable pencils in PowerPoint (create a text box and type your student’s names) Use this for the class graphing activity
  • Suggested word work ideas using names
  • Editable name tags in 6 different colors (create a text box and type your student’s names) to place in centers
  • Vowel posters. I 8 1/2 by 11 for each vowel (a, e, I, o, & u) and letters to cut out to spell vowels.
  • 3 songs (copy 2 per page) vowels, short vowels, & long vowels

©Megan Mitchell