All About Reptiles Nonfiction Unit

This is the perfect bundle of goodies to teach your primary students all about reptiles. It is over a week’s worth of materials that are sure to engage your little learners and make them reptile experts. There are two printable mini books included – one is all about reptiles and their characteristics and the other is about comparing crocodiles to alligators. There are 4 research projects for snakes, turtles, chameleons, and crocodiles. I use this packet to integrate reading as well as research towards the end of our first grade year. There are also 4 crafts and lesson plans for you to look over on how you can use everything. As a bonus, I have added some fiction activities for “The Extraordinary Egg” and “A Color of His Own.” I love to integrate fiction and non-fiction on the same topic.


Included in this All About Reptiles Unit:

Reptile books used:

  • All about Reptiles (provided)
  • Crocodile vs. Alligators (provided)
  • Reptiles and Amphibians by Simon Mugford
  • True or False Reptiles by Melvin Berger
  • Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Tish Rabe

Colorful Posters

  • Research
  • KWL
  • Schema, New Learning

All About Reptiles mini book (11 pages) Copy 2 per page

  • Dig Deeper
  • Label the reptile parts
  • Design a reptile
  • Reptile Sort
  • Colorful reptile characteristic cards (6)

Miles and Miles of Reptiles by Berger

  • Colorful trait cards (3 pages)
  • Asking Questions
  • Fact and Details (2 pages)
  • Fill in the Blank (2 pages)

True or False Reptiles by Berger

  • Author’s Purpose
  • Check for Understanding
  • True or False

Reptiles & Amphibians by Simon Mugford

  • Questions
  • Digging for Details (3 pages)

Alligators & Crocodiles Provided

  • Mini book (13 pages) copy 2 per page
  • Similarities & Differences (5 pages)
  • Venn Diagram
  • Word Sort
  • Anchor Chart to complete with the class (7 pages)

Writing Activities

  • Similarities & Differences between Alligators and Crocodiles pre-writing and writing
  • Informative Web and Writing All about Reptiles
  • All about Reptiles Can, Have, Are Chart
  • How to Take Care of My Pet Reptile pre-writing and writing
  • If I saw a Snake pre-writing and writing
  • Reptile fill in the blank

Word Work Activities

  • Alphabetize
  • Word Search
  • Syllables

Bonus Activity Stories

All About Rattlesnakes by Arnosky

  • Anticipation Guide
  • Web
  • Writing

All About Turtles by Arnosky

  • Anticipation Guide
  • Web
  • Writing

A Color of His Own

  • Text to Self
  • Message
  • Character Analysis
  • Beginning, Middle, & End
  • Questioning

An Extraordinary Egg

  • Features of Fiction
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Character Analysis
  • Recall
  • Predicting
  • Sequencing

Research Reports: 6 pages group, habitat, babies, food, label and fun facts

  • Snakes
  • Turtles
  • Chameleons
  • Crocodiles


  • snake craft
  • crocodile craft
  • chameleon craft
  • turtle craft

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