Back to School with Friendship in a Cup

My students love Pumpkin Pie in a Cup so I decided this year I would try to do more activities like that. After brainstorming a bit, I decided I wanted to make Friendship in a Cup with my students to kick off our school year, focus on building friendships, and talk about what makes a good friend. It’s a combination of my other cup activities (linked at the bottom of this post) and my Witch’s Brew.

friendship in a cup activity for back to school

I wrote a poem to make Friendship in a Cup. I put it on a single sheet, and I also made a mini booklet with the poem. To prep for this activity, you will want to send home the wish list to your parents or purchase the items yourself. When I did my practice run it came to around $20 of groceries.

Once you have your ingredients, you will want to print the heart labels and put them on paper bags. I like to have one bag per student so they can all participate. To do this, you will just split up the ingredients needed in the bags. I highly recommend waiting until the morning before you plan to do it as sometimes the ingredients get the bag a little greasy, especially the fish crackers.

friendship in a cup ingredient bags

Once you have the bags prepped, I would pass out the mini books and give each child a bag. You will need a large bowl and spoon to mix the friendship in a cup. Then, you simply read your way through the booklet and add the ingredients. If a student has kindness, then they dump their kindness bag in the bowl.

After you mix up the snack, you get to enjoy the treat. There are several extensions you can do once you have made it. There are several writing extensions, comprehension activities, and a matching activity.

We love to make the paper craft to match the snack. I have included two kinds of crafts in this product. There is a color and cut craft and a cut and paste craft. You can use the craft to graph if they like friendship in a cup or not.

There is a little recipe card you can send home with the children at the end of the day. In addition, I put all the characteristics of a friend that we used to make the snack on colorful cards. These would be great to hang in the classroom all year long as a reminder of the qualities of a good friend.

recipe for friendship bulletin board

You may want to read about similar activities such as Pumpkin Pie in a Cup and Bird Nest in a Cup, or read about a similar setup with my Witch’s Brew.

Check out my other fun cup activities:

Here is what a few buyers had to say about Friendship in a Cup:

“Great resource! My kids loved it for beginning of year to get to know each other. I may use it again at end of year for writing portion.”

“This is such an awesome resource! My kids are going to love doing this! Thank you!”

Friendship in a Cup classroom activity


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